Punjab to extend schools winter vacations for one week?

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Punjab to extend schools-winter-vacations-for-one-week?
Punjab to extend schools-winter-vacations-for-one-week?

As winter envelops Punjab in its icy grip, the School Education Department is actively considering extending the ongoing winter vacation.

 The ongoing winter break, which began on December 18, is expected to last until dawn next year.

 In light of these cold weather conditions, recent reports suggest the provincial government may be adjusting its school reopening schedule.

 The severity of the weather conditions resulted in consideration of changes to the established schedule.

 Although discussions are underway, no official decision has been made.

 However, if the cold weather persists, the provincial government may find it necessary to adjust the school reopening schedule.

 To spur debate, worried parents have called for an extra week of the winter break.

 They pointed out that some private schools in the province have changed their school schedules, emphasizing the need for flexibility to respond to prevailing weather conditions.

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