Another PIA Air Hostess Slips Away in Canada

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PIA Air Hostess Slips Away in Canada, Another concerning development is the alleged disappearance of a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight attendant in Canada while she was on duty.

The unsettling incident happened when Maryam Raza, who was supposed to work on flight PK 782 from Karachi to Toronto, neglected to show up for her shift on flight PK 784 from Toronto to Karachi, An unsettling finding was revealed following an investigation.

Her room was discovered to be hanging, and below her uniform was a note that expressed gratitude to PIA, it was a simple note that said, “Thank you, PIA” this is the third incident of a PIA flight attendant going missing while on duty this year; the first two also involved female crew members.

In an attempt to stop these kinds of things from happening, flight attendants assigned to flights to Toronto have their passports collected, But concerns are raised regarding these metrics’ efficacy.

Relatives with direct knowledge of the situation have called attention to poor pay and unstable employment at the national airline as reasons why these unsettling vanishes.

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