Lakeshore City


Lakeshore City developed by Al-Sadat group is an exclusive scenario of natural beauty and latest infrastructure while the residents live in Lakeshore Residencia, Lakeshore Farms, and Lakeshore Club 2. In the vicinity of Greater Lahore (GT) Road near Khanpur dam, it provides unprecedented location advantages for WaterFront and Hill View properties, surpassing the others in the real estate Societies of Pakistan.

This article will take a closer look to the payment options for 2024, the current status of the NOC and the many advantages of Lakeshore City. We will deal with the master plan, amenities, lifestyle improvements and a lot of more investment opportunities that at hand in Lakeshore City Islamabad.

Lakeshore city location and Accessibility

In Lakeshore City Islamabad, it is the location that complements the accessibility and creates so much appeal among investors and residents. Sitting on the nerve centre of G.T Road, the Jabbri community surely provides easy access to the most important landmarks and indispensable services, making the place suitable for both residence and investment.


Lakeshore city location and Accessibility

In Lakeshore City Islamabad, it is the location that complements the accessibility and creates so much appeal among investors and residents. Sitting on the nerve centre of G.T Road, the Jabbri community surely provides easy access to the most important landmarks and indispensable services, making the place suitable for both residence and investment.


Strategic Positioning

Its location along the Khanpur Dam, which is about 2.5km from Mabali Island, allows it to be near big cities like Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The fact that the jurisdiction is situated nearby but away from the city in a serene environment adds huge value to the location features.

Accessibility Highlights

1. From Islamabad and Major Highways: The society inhabits in an area which is 40 minutes away from Islamabad and can be accessed more easily through well-maintained roads.

2. Proximity to Islamabad International Airport: Situated just a few minute’s drive from the Islamabad International Airport, the Lakeshore City location offers ease for air regular travelers.

3. Connectivity to Major Roads and Motorways: Accessibility is thus on another level because of its closeness with the Islamabad-Lahore Motorway, M2 Motorway, and the under-construction Rawalpindi Ring Road. The result is that it becomes an interesting intersection point for many regions in the area.

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    Nearby Landmarks and Facilities

    • Educational and Recreational Spots: The vicinity of this housing society’s location to various prime areas such as Sector D-12, F-11, and E-9 educational sector Islamabad makes it easier for neighbors to get 100% top-class educational and leisure facilities.

    • Tourist Attractions: Residents and visitors enjoy the proximity of famous destinations that come within reach of the vicinity of Lakeshore City, including the Khanpur Dam,

    Enhanced Urban Connectivity

    Therefore, the proximity of this development to other important urban areas like Faisal Town and B-17 Multi Gardens indicates that this development is an urban expansion and investment zone, in a short time will experience a lot of growth and development.

    Yet, Lakeshore City positioned in a vital spot on the map is much about more than just beautiful sceneries and serene existence, thus, all the services will be accessed within minutes by car. The blend of natural beauty and city living only makes it more appealing to homeowners as well as investors.


    Lakeshore City master plan and the Distinct Block Overview.

    Lakeshore presents a 5-year payment plan with the opportunity to Reserve your plot with a 0% down payment and enjoy convenient monthly installments of 25,000, lake View and City Islamabad are designed on 16000 Kanals in an ultramodern layout to bring beauty and functionality to all. 72. The development is segmented into three distinct blocks, each tailored to cater to different lifestyle needs and preferences: Lakeshore Residencia, Lakeshore Farms, and Lakeshore Club.

    Master Plan and Layout

    The master plan of Lakeshore City is designed by professional planners and designers in such a way that Community Areas open up and look beautiful with the surrounding of the Khanpur Dam 2. The plan design includes a variety of residential plots and farmhouses, arranged to fit the views and the number 12 access.

    Block Differences and Its Offer.

    1. Lakeshore Residencia: These plots are offered in the community and have a safe type of living. The sizes of the plots range between 5 Marla, 8 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal.

    2. Lakeshore Farms: The block is meant for people who want large and private space as the farmhouses provided in this block are 2 Kanal, 4 Kanal, and 8 Kanal. These lots are for the lazy living, kind of country-like, but city.

    3. Lakeshore Club: This area of the Upper Club, which comprises a suite of more than 50 luxurious facilities and social settings, provides a mix to its members. It serves as the central location for all social and recreational activities of the community.

    Infrastructure and Accessibility

    The streets of Lakeshore City are structured in such a way that distances between blocks and other amenities are not a problem. The large roadways are accompanied by beautiful streets, so the roads are not damaged and appropriate traffic can flow and connect all areas in the community. The infrastructure designed for thoughtful accessibility ensures the ease and attractiveness of the city as a convenient place for residence.

    The master plan of Lakeshore City not only specifies the structure’s functional components and unique block offerings but also employs a design approach that cohesively merges them all with the nature around it keeping a nice balance between development and the environment. They demonstrate that the Al Sadat Group is determined to design living spaces that are not only luxurious but also, sustainable.


    Lakeshore City amenities and Life Enhancements

    Lake Shore City Islamabad redefines the way people live with its amazing multitude of amenities, created by all aspects of an elite and hassle-free life. The community has technologically advanced amenities and these will make it comfortable, healthy, and entertaining for everyone living there.

    Supportive Educational and Healthcare Infrastructures

    Residents of Lakeshore City enjoy the convenience of living near universities and medical facilities that are leading the nation in terms of education and healthcare. The community members are involved in a training center with superior facilities that create the best atmosphere for impeccable education. Besides, a modern hospital within the development is meant for providing the best medical services and is supplied by compassionate medical staff whose profession is health and well-being.

    Recreational and Leisure Amenities

    Lifestyle in Lakeshore City is enriched with a wide range of recreational options, The facilities consist of a clubhouse, an events marquee, and Lake Argyle which is a good-looking and well-appointed venue for sightseeing and relaxing. To adventurous people, the society has a mini golf course, hiking trails, and several adventure sports such as sky diving, parasailing, and mountain biking available, so there is always something exciting to partake in815.

    Privileged Club and Perks for Members.

    Lakeshore Club, an elite oasis within the city, gathers no less than 50 amenities that unite and fortify community and family ties. The membership entails accessing national as well as an international club at a considerable discount to promote cost-sharable luxury among the residents. The club facilities range from sports arenas to calming outdoor spaces and will be for persons of all ages and tastes.

    Security and Infrastructure

    With the strong security and infrastructure measures available, Lakeshore City guarantees the safety and convenience of its users. The development has developed the roads and streets sufficient for convenient use and with everything such as water, gas, electricity, and telecommunication which makes life really good in terms of comfort.

    Environmental and Community Well-being

    The community is bordered by a range of flower gardens with an array of appealing colors, and the mixed fragrance from pine trees creates a haven from the busy city life. This harmonious space not only improves the humans living standard but they also promote well-being by making nature part of the day-to-day life.

    Lakeshore City is no exception to the trend as it offers both practical facilities and beautiful amenities that imply high standards and a well-lived lifestyle that modern families and individuals need.

    Investment Potential in lakeshore city

    As such, the Lakeshore City Islamabad is a fast growing investment platform due to its unique location, a range of facilities and its ongoing developments in infrastructure. This part discloses a number of points that confirm why this can be considered as a promising investment.

    Strategic and Economic Advantages

    1. Prime Location: Lakeshore City, as a gated community on the G.T Road, Jabbri, next to Khanpur Dam, is in close proximity to prominent urban centers. Therefore, it will be appealing to both investors and resident.

    2. High Return on Investment (ROI): The measured creation of infrastructure and the followed placement make Investing in this a safe bet for those who are looking at the short-term and long-term benefits.

    3. Tourism and Economic Growth: Since the area is expected to transform into a tourism hub in the future, it provides very ample opportunity for economic growth and property value to appreciate.

    Development and Approvals

    1. Rapid Infrastructure Development: The process keeps on with wide roads and modern utilities, which are all components of the development of a progressive community.

    2. Approved NOC Status: Lakeshore City has the necessary approvals including the one from TMA Khanpur and other authorities which is a vital element in the investor’s trust

    Investment Incentives

    1. Affordable Payment Plans: The project provides the members with flexible and cheap payment terms to address a broad spectrum of diverse financial capabilities with the aim of accommodating diverse investor segments 80.

    2. Pre-Launch Rates: Investors can enjoy an advantage of low pre-launch prices, mostly the farmhouses which offer an easy 5-year installment plan and You can book your plot now with just a 0% down payment and enjoy easy monthly installments of 25,000! 

    Security and Accessibility

    1. Robust Security Measures: Making every attempt to ensure a safe environment is the first priority and Lakeshore City implements security features.

    2. Ease of Access: The location of the project enables residents to easily ensure access to major highways and amenities which are essential services to enhance their daily routines.

    Environmental and Lifestyle Features

    1. Eco-Friendly Initiatives: Sustainability is given the utmost priority and this is evidenced by the lush landscaping and the energy conserving technologies used in the community.

    2. Lakes and Natural Beauty: The natural arena of lakes and mountains is quite serene, leading to a better living environment, ensuring a great quality of life as well.

    These factors jointly make Lakeshore City a locality that is suitable for investment which, in turn, is beneficial for the finances as well as the welfare of its inhabitants.


    The Lakeshore City Islamabad has carved a niche for itself in the modern penthouse and good property investment markets by means of careful planning as well as strategic location. Having taken a detailed viewing of Lakeside City from the unique natural settings to the innovate offered infrastructure to the wide variety of amenities designed to support high-life that is quality living this article has created a comprehensive foundation. Being engaged and mixed with urban convenience and tranquility of nature is the very aspect that intensely attracts this residential area to not only be a place to live, but also a good place to invest with remarkable returns. The drive through Lakeshore City’s city plan, layout, amenities, and investment opportunities inspires the canalization of what Al Sadat Group offers – transcending the conventional living experience.

    When we think about Lakeshore City’s influence on real estate and its value for future tenants and investors, it becomes evident that the project is not only some other addition to the cityscape of Islamabad but a very basic horizontal for those who are looking for an integrated lifestyle or a profitable investment. Expectations on stewardship in connection with the creation of a healthy and lavish atmosphere is achieved by the strong foundations that the planners have laid down. Whoever is interested in living in Lakeshore city or feel that it’s a good investment future, the project is calling. If you want to book a plot of residential land or farmhouse in Lakeshore city. Going forward, Lakeshore City can indeed be regarded as an example of prudent urban planning, as it may be envisaged that the duality of nature and modern approach will be in perfect harmony to the best interest of its people,  feel free to contact Grand Marketing now at 0331-1110900.

    • Yes, Lakeshore City has its NOC approved from TMA Khanpur.
    • Lakeshore City initially purchased 3000 kanal of land legally, and they are planning to expand it to 16000 kanal in the near future.
    • Lakeshore City is developed by Urban Developers, led by Syed Sadaat Hussain Shah. They have successfully developed projects like DHA-3, CBR Town, among others.
    • Lakeshore City is offering an easy payment plan of 5 years, indicating that the society will likely be delivered within that timeframe, approximately within the next 3 to 5 years based on their previous project delivery records.
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