Month: October 2023


Abu Dhabi’s Airborne Taxis Will Launch in 2026

Abu Dhabi is going to be the first megacity in the world to introduce flying hacks in 2026, further establishing its position as a leader in independent mobility.  The Abu Dhabi Investment Office( ADIO) and Archer Aviation, a slice-edge manufacturer of electric perpendicular takeoff and wharf( eVTOL) aircraft, have blazoned an instigative new cooperation. They’re […]
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Frank Hoogerbeets

Earthquake Prediction by Dutch Scientist Frank Hoogerbeets for Pakistan Comes True, Shakes India and Nepal

Third Accurate Prediction Raises Doubts in the Wake of Pakistan’s Ongoing Crisis The Dutch scientist Frank Hoogerbeets, famous for his earthquake forecasts, has again sent shockwaves through the area with his latest forecast of a major earthquake that will affect Pakistan, India and Nepal close to here. Hoogerbeets had made this prediction just a few […]
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