Lahore's-sky-witnesses first-ever-artificial-rain

Lahore’s sky witnesses first-ever artificial rain

This morning, Lahore’s sky witnesses first-ever artificial rain, which was considered the foremost contaminated city, with 4,444 fake rain showers .Back from the UAE government will empower ground-breaking tests to illustrate how cloud seeding innovation can decrease contamination. Lahore checked a major breakthrough on Saturday because it started its to begin with manufactured rain test. […]
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Abu Dhabi’s Airborne Taxis Will Launch in 2026

Abu Dhabi is going to be the first megacity in the world to introduce flying hacks in 2026, further establishing its position as a leader in independent mobility.  The Abu Dhabi Investment Office( ADIO) and Archer Aviation, a slice-edge manufacturer of electric perpendicular takeoff and wharf( eVTOL) aircraft, have blazoned an instigative new cooperation. They’re […]
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Frank Hoogerbeets

Earthquake Prediction by Dutch Scientist Frank Hoogerbeets for Pakistan Comes True, Shakes India and Nepal

Third Accurate Prediction Raises Doubts in the Wake of Pakistan’s Ongoing Crisis The Dutch scientist Frank Hoogerbeets, famous for his earthquake forecasts, has again sent shockwaves through the area with his latest forecast of a major earthquake that will affect Pakistan, India and Nepal close to here. Hoogerbeets had made this prediction just a few […]
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iPhone 15 Pro Users Raise Concerns Over Overheating Issues

 Introduction: The iPhone 15 Pro collection, hailed for its remarkable features, has hit the market with a wave of exhilaration. However, it is no longer all clean cruising for early adopters. Reports of overheating issues had been cropping up for the reason that the release of those glossy gadgets on September 22, left customers trying […]
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Breaking News: PTA Announces iPhone 8 Series Tax Reduction

In an extensive development for Apple aficionados, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has taken an amazing step toward reducing the registration prices for older Apple iPhones such as iPhone 8. This decision comes at the heels of the Federal Board of Revenue’s (FBR) recent announcement to decrease taxes on Apple smartphones, signaling a fantastic flow […]
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