Month: December 2023


No New Year Celebrations this year ?

On Thursday, Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar, the Caretaker Prime Minister of Pakistan declared a nationwide ban on New Year celebrations via a televised address. The purpose behind this decision is to display solidarity with the Palestinian population who have suffered from continuous Israeli aggression since October 7th. In his emotional appeal to citizens across the land, he […]
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Pak Team Gifts Christmas Gifts to Australian team

Pak Team Gifts Christmas Gifts to Australian team To show the spirit of sportsmanship and warm holiday cheer, the Pakistan cricket team has planned a fun-filled Christmas surprise for the Australian team. Captivating video captures the thoughtful exchange of gifts during indoor training ahead of the second Test in Melbourne, focusing on the camaraderie between […]
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Pakistan’s Currency Finishes the Week on a High Note, Reaching Rs282.53 Against the US Dollar

In a nine-session streak, the Pakistani rupee (PKR) showed resilience, gaining 0.09% against the US dollar, closing at Rs282.53 on Friday with a notable increase of Rs0.26, according to the State Bank of Pakistan. Simultaneously, foreign exchange reserves fell to $6.904 billion due to debt repayments. Globally, the US dollar neared a four-month low, anticipating […]
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Lahore's-sky-witnesses first-ever-artificial-rain

Lahore’s sky witnesses first-ever artificial rain

This morning, Lahore’s sky witnesses first-ever artificial rain, which was considered the foremost contaminated city, with 4,444 fake rain showers .Back from the UAE government will empower ground-breaking tests to illustrate how cloud seeding innovation can decrease contamination. Lahore checked a major breakthrough on Saturday because it started its to begin with manufactured rain test. […]
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