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On Thursday, Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar, the Caretaker Prime Minister of Pakistan declared a nationwide ban on New Year celebrations via a televised address. The purpose behind this decision is to display solidarity with the Palestinian population who have suffered from continuous Israeli aggression since October 7th.

In his emotional appeal to citizens across the land, he expressed that “Pakistan as a country finds itself in an unhappy state” and encouraged individuals to exhibit unity and simplicity throughout their activities for New Year’s Eve.

Pakistan has always shown support for Palestine by condemning Israel’s unjust actions against innocent people resulting in many casualties causing damage beyond repair.

The ongoing war spanning over twelve weeks now between these two nations has been destructive primarily impacting women & children PM Anwar-ul-haq Kakar emphasized aid going towards Gaza, Pakistan has sent out relief twice already and is preparing for another round. Palestine continues to be under oppression, the countries will continue alleviating their problems, So Yes there are No New Year Celebrations this year.

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