NEPRA hikes power tariff by whopping Rs7.5 per unit

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NEPRA hikes power tariff by whopping Rs7.5 per unit, A decision by the National Electricity Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) will cause Pakistani consumers’ electricity costs to increase somewhat, it is expected that the increase of Rs 7.50 per unit, approved by the regulator, will be seen starting with the January monthly fuel revision, in the March-ending billing period.

The hitch is that this decision does not apply to Lifeline and K-Electric customers, who are purposefully shielded from financial consequences by special subsidy programmes, it is undeniably burdensome for many people and enterprises.

In order to mitigate the rising cost of fuel used in power generation, which has a significant influence on the price of energy nationally, NEPRA is taking measures, The impending increase in power rates will have a detrimental effect on the majority of consumers, even though some consumer sectors might benefit.

This will increase monthly expenses for both residential and business users, Customers are therefore growing more nervous and eager as they prepare to receive their March bills and deal with the financial fallout from NEPRA’s mandated price increases.

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