Pakistan isn’t Iraq or Syria, it will respond if treated this way

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Pakistan isn’t Iraq or Syria, Reacting to Iran’s recent air strikes in Balochistan, former Pakistani Ambassador Abdul Basit strongly warned that Pakistan need not be taken lightly.

risky recreation

He emphasized the historical ties between the two international locations in an interview, but he additionally denounced the assault that left many people lifeless and strained members of the family.

Basit emphasized that Pakistan should have replied accurately with the aid of blockading Tehran’s special envoy and recalling its ambassador. To emphasize his nearby desires, Basit called Iran’s actions a “risky recreation” that might cause isolation.


He favored a diplomatic answer and emphasized the need to keep away from war. Furthermore, Basit referred to Iran’s previous cooperation in 2010 and expressed a desire that they would flow in a comparable course.

While international relations is a possible direction to easing tensions, Basit’s difficult method is symptomatic of broader discontent in Pakistan.

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