Pakistani Passport Still Fourth-Worst in the world

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In the latest report, the Pakistani passport Still Fourth-Worst in the world, marking a continuous decline over the past 5 years. The Henley Passport Index ranks it  101 out of 104, with citizens having visa-free access to  34  of 227 destinations, The highest-ranked passports belong to France, Germany, Italy, Japan and Singapore, each with a score of 194

In contrast, Afghanistan holds the title of worst passport in the world, with access to only 28 destinations

Although South Asian countries outperform Pakistan, their rankings remain low Pakistani Passport Still Fourth-Worst in the world while Bangladesh ranked 97th, Sri Lanka 96th and Nepal 98th. Only India performed better in the region, securing the 80th position.The Pakistani passport grants visa-free access to a limited list of destinations, including Barbados, Maldives, Rwanda, and more.According to Henley and Partners, the global mobility gap between superiors and subordinates is widening.

Dr Christian H Kaelin notes the historical trend towards greater  freedom of movement, but highlights growing disparities. Technology plays a key role, with IATA’s Frédéric Léger highlighting the need for increased automation of travel document verification as passenger traffic is expected to double by 2040.

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