Pakistan wants longest deal with IMF in country’s history

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Pakistan wants longest deal with IMF in country’s history, federal Finance Minister Muhammad Aurangzeb recently addressed the media and detailed Pakistan’s lofty goals for its biggest-ever IMF program, By highlighting Pakistan’s determination to get a sizable program in line with its quota, Aurangzeb demonstrated the government’s steadfastness in adhering to economic discipline within the IMF format.

Aurangzeb emphasized Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s commitment to economic progress when he said, “Our priority is to bolster our economy beyond IMF directives”, In a statement, the minister of finance assured the public that the final payment of the $1.1 billion scheduled for release in the last tranche of the existing IMF loan program will go without a hitch.

In particular, Aurangzeb praised the caretaker government’s devotion in Fawad Hasan Fawad’s privatization measures, but also acknowledged the work of the whole administration, Aiming to raise tax payments to 10% of national income in the future, Aurangzeb intends to improve tax transparency through digital collecting methods.

Consistent with the international conservation initiatives backed by the IMF, he dropped hints about possible environmental financing talks within the scheme of the loan, In general, following global examples, Aurangzeb advocated a multi-pronged strategy for economic revival.

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