Gold prices in Pakistan witness massive decline

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Gold prices in Pakistan witness massive decline, prices fell last weekend, along with a notable decrease in Pakistan’s gold market, 24 carat gold is now priced at Rs 216,000 per tola, a decrease of Rs 1,700 in value, Concurrently, 10 grammes of 24 carat gold dropped in value to Rs 185,185 from Rs 1,458.

The price of 10 grammes of 22-carat gold, which ended at Rs 1,69,753, showed a similar declining trend, The tight relationship between these oscillations and shifts in the US dollar’s value emphasises the precarious equilibrium between gold prices and currency movements.

This link demonstrates how the local gold market is impacted by issues related to the global economy, On the other hand, the cost of 24 carat silver remained steady at Rs 2,600, Gold prices experienced a decrease globally as well, falling $15 to $2,059 per ounce.

It is noteworthy that fluctuations in global market trends can cause large fluctuations in gold prices in Pakistan, To obtain up-to-date and precise information regarding gold prices, get in touch with your nearby jeweller or gold dealer.

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