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Educational institutions to close Feb 6-9, in line with the resolution made in Punjab, educational establishments in Sindh would be shuttered for four days, from 6 to 9, to get ready for Pakistan’s next general elections.

Ministry of Education

In order to ensure a seamless election process, the Ministry of Education in Sindh has issued a directive requiring the temporary closure of all private and public schools, colleges, and universities during this time.

There will be a nine-day break for students in Sindh starting from the preceding Sunday and Saturday.


Furthermore, there will be additional vacations on 10 and 11, which fall on the weekend, following February 9, Notably, in honour of Kashmir Day, Sindh has declared February 5 to be a public holiday, Following his approval of Sindh’s public and private educational institutions’ holiday schedule, Chief Minister Maqbool Baqir has accepted the decision to close schools during the election season.


This action is in compliance with the Punjab Cabinet’s resolution, which mandated that educational institutions close from February 6 to 9 in order to aid the election process, Plans are in place to guarantee a seamless and well-organized general election on February 8 as the nation gets ready for it.

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