Petrol price increased massively from Feb 1

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Petrol price increased massively from Feb 1, the government has made an interim fuel price revision, effective from February 1, 2024, Petrol prices have increased significantly by Rs 13.55 per litre, reaching a new high of Rs 272.89 per litre. Diesel prices also increased by Rs 2.75 per liter, currently at Rs 278.96.

On the contrary, kerosene prices decreased slightly by 24 paisa/litre, In addition to these changes, the new light diesel price has been fixed at Rs 166.86 per liter after an increase of Rs 2.30 per liter.

 This fuel price change comes after the recent announcement by the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) of increasing LPG prices, According to OGRA’s announcement, LPG price per kg increased by Rs 17, reaching Rs 257.60/kg.

Therefore, the revised price of a bottle of domestic LPG will be Rs 3,400 in February 2024, these approved revisions in fuel and LPG prices are in line with the current fluctuations in global oil prices demand and economic considerations.

Therefore, consumers and businesses must anticipate potential impacts on transportation costs and everyday expenses.

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